1.    IT hardware solutions
We provide IT hardware solutions for all platforms including, but not limited to: IBM / Cisco / SUN / HP / EMC / NetApp / Brocade, and more.  That includes servers, server components, switches, routers, other networking gear, phones, phone systems, PC's, laptops, POS items, bar-code scanners, and more.  No order is too small or too large for Turin Technologies.  Our priority is to help provide you with a solution that’s right for you.

2.    Repair services
Turin Technologies offers repair for servers, storage, and networking equipment.  Every piece of equipment Turin Technologies deals with undergoes a complete physical inspection, diagnostic testing, parts replacement (and upgrades as needed), and a final testing and quality inspection.

3.    Third party maintenance and warranties service
Turin Technologies provides maintenance solutions that will allow your company to strategically manage hardware life cycles, maximize data center performance, and possibly the most important: optimize your IT budget. We work with you to find a specific third-party maintenance solution that will have several advantages over vendor-locked contracts, such as: flexible contracts and terms, reliable support teams, and simplified maintenance management.

4.    IT asset recovery
Turin Technologies adheres to the definition of asset recovery.  We work hard to help you sell or repurpose working, usable, equipment that is left behind due to upgrades in a way that maximizes the return while minimizing the costs and liabilities.  We can help you properly dispose of obsolete equipment while adhering to federal, state and local recycling laws.  We provide state-of-the-art computer asset recovery services.  We also provide data center consolidation that helps you realize the true value of your used computer hardware in a manner that is secure, easy to administer and problem free.  Turin Technologies saves you the hassle of recovering value from used routers, switches, access servers and other products.


5.    IGEL virtualization services
Turin Technologies has a unique, very close relationship with the largest IGEL provider in North America.  By leveraging this relationship, will help you take that next step in your business with our virtualization services.  Current virtualization technology has opened up new doors in the technology industry.  You can lower your costs, reduce the space requirements and energy consumption of your data center equipment, and begin to take the first steps towards developing your strategy for the cloud. 

6.    Leasing and rental options
If your company wants to power up its IT capabilities without the financial constraints of making a long-term commitment, Turin Technologies will help you with leasing or renting options.  Leasing offers multiple benefits, which include: offering you a way to get the assets your company needs without the upfront investment of purchasing a new solution, and offering your company a way to increase IT capabilities to meet the needs of your growing business.  And of course, if you rent, you can meet short term project requirements while freeing up capital for other parts of your business.

7.    Data destruction 
The need for digital data security affects all businesses.  Technology allows us to collect, store and transfer vast amounts of confidential information.  This data — which includes customer and employee records as well as financial information — is critical to protect.  As you may already know, this confidential information has become a target for information and identity theft.  Usually, when organizations upgrade their computers, they often remove the hard drives, use software to erase the data and send them to computer recyclers. While software programs can erase data, some just delete the directories on the drive. Simply put, your sensitive data stays on drives making your company vulnerable to security breaches.  Because we want to forge a strong relationship with you, Turin Technologies will provide you with the best option for secure disposal of your sensitive data, and help protect your business and customers.